Building on the momentum RET Ventures gathered at the end of last year, we decided to update our website and brand to more accurately reflect our values, mission, and network.

To ensure an accurate portrayal of the fund (and to keep us honest) we gathered feedback from our LPs and portfolio companies throughout our rebranding process. We are now very excited to officially launch our new website and brand.

Unlike many other funds, we know that our value as investors goes far beyond our capital and expertise. To highlight our unusual value prop, we included several important features in our new website that we’re excited about:

Interactive Limited Partner Map

Our home page hosts an interactive map of North America, offering a detailed look at our LP holdings by state. Texas currently leads with more than 140,000 units owned by our LPs.

Portfolio Company Job Board

This is just another way for us to support our entrepreneurs. Tapping our network to identify key talent is the least we can do to fuel our portfolio companies’ growth. Browse exciting job openings in rent tech here.

Limited Partner Spotlight

In addition to the interactive map, we’ve given our LPs their own page where we highlight the companies and individuals giving RET Ventures unparalleled access and industry expertise.


Our investments page offers a quick snapshot into the entrepreneurs, technologies, and companies RET Ventures backs. Click on their logos to learn more about these rent tech leaders and their mission.


One of the website’s most important features is our contact page where founders, owner-operators, industry experts, and more can reach out to us directly.

We invite you to take a look at our new website and share your feedback either in the comments below, or directly via our contact page.