A Roadblock for Property Managers

With the rise of rental technology, solutions have been developed to manage essentially every aspect of the market, from amenities to insurance to rental payments. However, even as many of these solutions have permeated the market, the process of requesting maintenance and liaising with external vendors remains overwhelmingly dependent on antiquated, inefficient systems and has proven to be a roadblock many property managers struggle to overcome. And while this is accurate with regard to multifamily operators, it is especially true for single-family rental (SFR) investors, who, according to recent census data, make up 72.5% of the market. Unlike multifamily operators whose residential units are centralized within a single building or garden-style community, SFR operators may have to maintain a hundred units across a sprawling metropolis. These distributed portfolios and the wide variety of layouts, appliances and components — such as flooring, paint and HVAC — make the task of SFR maintenance even more challenging.

Bringing Maintenance to the 21st Century 

As the SFR asset class continues to attract massive amounts of capital, identifying technologies that make it easier for investors of all sizes to manage their properties is one of RET Ventures’ primary goals. We are always looking to expand our rent tech portfolio with new solutions capable of addressing long-standing inefficiencies in the market, which has led us to our most recent investment in Lula.

An intelligent property maintenance platform primarily serving SFR owners, Lula reduces time spent on maintenance by nearly 60% – integrating with prominent property management software systems to streamline the complete maintenance process. It allows for easy and seamless communication between tenants, property managers, and contractors, ensuring a job can be easily requested and monitored until it has been completed. Lula is a solution-centric platform, providing de-escalation services for requests that do not actually require an outside vendor to address – improving communication, reducing costs for property managers and increasing tenant satisfaction. If a request does require a maintenance coordinator to be dispatched, Lula has a large network of quality and fully-vetted contractors to complete the work.

We are extremely bullish on Lula’s platform and the broader implications of such a tool for single family investors and property managers. We constantly hear from our strategic investors about the need for a product to modernize antiquated real estate maintenance operations, and believe Lula – based on its unique technology and smooth user experience – is the most impactful solution on the market.

Lula’s Significant Potential

Our investment in Lula comes at a time where macroeconomic trends are driving capital flows into SFR and many institutional pools of capital are beginning to announce single-family rental funds. As the SFR asset class continues to grow, the platform’s ability to simplify the historically convoluted maintenance process will bring tremendous value to all stakeholders in the space.

We are confident that Lula has the potential to become a major solution across the real estate industry in the years to come, and we look forward to supporting them as they continue to grow their team, expand their platform, and roll out their innovative technology in new markets across the US.