As the multifamily and single-family rental sectors continue a significant transformation brought on by the pandemic, the need for purpose-built tech aimed at the industry is more urgent than ever. The very nature and purpose of the home has changed for tens of millions of Americans, and firms like ours are racing to identify and foster tech that can accommodate this shifting way of life. With this in mind, we’ve recently brought on a new member of our team with a broad base of expertise identifying, vetting and piloting new rent tech tools from a multifamily operators vantage point.

Shawn Mahoney is the former longtime CTO at GID, a privately owned real estate development company and NMHC Top 50 owner — which also happens to be one of RET’s most trusted strategic partners. Shawn joined our firm earlier this year and has taken on a critical role performing deep analyses of not only prospective portfolio companies and their projected success, but also of the areas within multifamily operations that are most in need of tech-based innovation.

Shawn brings to RET decades of hands-on experience across real estate development, finance and technology, offering a unique perspective that spans the multifamily sector’s evolution from a reluctant —at times even resistant — stance toward tech, into the full-on embrace that is present across much of the industry today.

Early in his career, Shawn focused on tools that would incorporate more data and precision into  portfolios — allowing large multifamily operators to reduce waste, tap new revenue streams and optimize operations across assets. Over time, that interest expanded, and reached a crescendo in recent years as proptech and rent tech companies received trillions of dollars in funding from venture capitalists like ourselves.

Having arrived at RET in the midst of an ongoing pandemic and nearly unprecedented upheaval across not only the multifamily sector, but the built environment as a whole, Shawn’s unique skills and experience have been vital to our success over recent months, and will continue to be in the years to come.  His perspective as a former senior technology/operations executive will be invaluable as more and more of multifamily industry’s players take an increasingly hands-on role in the development and piloting of tech.

While real estate’s approach to these tools has changed over the years, the business remains a highly conservative one. As our strategic partners begin to wade further into the more volatile waters surrounding early-stage technology, they place their trust in us to pick the most viable and impactful products to strengthen their portfolios and their bottom lines over the long-term.

The presence of voices like Shawn’s — who brings savvy and experience based on time spent throughout all corners of our complex business — will be more important than ever as we continue to serve our partners’ needs and foster a better, more prosperous future for the rental home industry.