RET Ventures Partner John Helm and Travtus Founder and CEO Tripty Arya recently joined EG Properties editor and podcast host Samantha McClary on the EG Properties Podcast’s “Tech Talk” series, which focuses on real estate technology and how it is enabling the transformation of CRE. 

On the podcast, Tripty shared her perspective on why RET’s collaborative approach and robust strategic investor base make it the ideal partner for technology companies who are rolling out solutions for the real estate industry at large. With an investor base that represents around 15-18% of the institutional U.S. multifamily market, RET’s network of portfolio companies has direct access to information about the largest challenges facing owners and operators. 

The discussion also featured John’s perspective on how Travtus differentiates itself from most AI-based technologies on the market. Whereas the majority of AI products for real estate focus primarily on streamlining the leasing process, John talked about how Travtus provides a truly holistic solution for property management, improving a broad variety of day-to-day management processes for multifamily owners looking to scale operations in today’s challenging labor market.